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Deep in the Heart of Froofy…

16 Jun

Forgive me for a what I’m sure will come across as a negative and somewhat bi-polar introduction for this blog. I’m writing from where the Austin elite congregate… or rather, the female half of that population, Lake Austin Spa Resort. So what is a short hispanic gal from the hood doing in a place like this? 1) curiosity and 2) my love of froo-froo hotels and 3) Italy is too far away at the moment.

I admit that I’ve dreamed of coming to Lake Austin Spa Resort for years… ah… the website does such a great job selling it! Those nice, crisp, beautifully lit images can’t help but add fuel to the fantasies of pampered luxury burning in your mind. But what I hadn’t thought about was the cultural divide that might exist and that at this “modern” time in history you can still feel like a bit of an oddball when placed in a environment like this. Maybe I should have anticipated that I would feel this way since the brochure featured only thin, well groomed, fair skinned folks in their perfect yoga outfits…

Now I would like to state that I met a LOT of nice people during my stay BUT I couldn’t shake the feeling of the cultural divide… or perhaps it’s a socio-economic divide that’s leaving a wierd taste in my mouth… a parking lot full of Mercedes, one self-help class after another, an endless stream of over priced treatments, big Texas blonde hair, conversations of second homes and far away trips… ugh. So maybe you’re wondering, “Why is this bitch whining about a socio-economic divide if she can afford to get her ass over there in the first place?” It’s because I save and plan – not because my rich husband pays for me to leave the house so he can bang his secretary over the weekend. I’m the daughter of immigrants and no I don’t expect handouts, I work for my own shit – thank you.

BUT still…. I feel like an asshole for suggesting that all the women here had their sugar daddies, boyfriends, lovers and husbands pay for their tab. I met plenty of professional women whom I’m sure planned, saved and paid for their own stay… but still, even then, you can sense the divide. Or maybe I’m just an asshole? Or perhaps I’m insecure? Where are the other brown folks? Is it possible that gals who come from backgrounds similiar to mine aren’t stupid enough to blow their cash on froofy hotels and over priced spa treatments? Maybe their spending their money on fancy shoes instead… damn! Maybe I just should have bought a few pair of Ferragamo or Manolos instead… or better yet, just leave that money in the bank! :p