Moet & Chandon’s Over-the-Top ‘Midnight Gold’

4 Nov
Yes, inanimate objects and living creatures can be blood relatives

Yes, inanimate objects and once living creatures can be blood relatives

I’m a huge fan of champagne… H U G E . What is there not to love about sparkles? It’s effervescent love, magic medicine, the definitive cure for what might ail ya… and yet, upon seeing Moet & Chandon’s ‘Midnight Gold’ my initial reaction was – G A S P … a vastly different reaction from my usual O o o o h and A a a a h s when encountering a chilled bottle of bubbly.

I came across this little gem of excess while perusing and stumbling across this article, . The headline says it all –  “Good Grief”… and you can’t help but say that to yourself when you read the description “made of lambskin covered with gold and decorated with hand-sewn swarovski crystals and gilded pearls”. Wow… not only is it covered in bling, it’s also mummified in dead animal skin but at $350 a pop I expect a little bit of blood shed and pain.

So what’s wrong with this bejeweled, bedazzled bottle of high quality champagne? Personally I see it as the alcoholic equivalent of the Porsche or Lamborghini mid-life crisis type purchase, ala “care to take a ride in my muscle car ladies” situation. It’s less about the quality of the drink and a lot more about making an impression, kind of like a silverback gorilla rolling around an oil drum in the jungle to impress his lady ape friends…

But it doesn’t take bling to get me excited about an awesome bottle of bubbly, rather it’s quality and cost. Being a frugal (aka CHEAP) Capricorn, I’m always looking out for fabulous deal. Two of my favorite low-cost bottles of sparkling wines include Cristalino Cava Brut which is made in Spain and usually runs under $10 and Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay Pinot Noir which is made in Australia and sells for under $15. Both offer an amazing value for their price point, so be sure to check them out!

So it doesn’t take a bling to make a bottle of bubbles sing, just kick ass quality at an affordable price. Hmmm… writing about champage and sparkling wines makes me thirsty… gotta go!

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