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For the love of scones!

28 Sep

I’m a lazy artist. Have I painted in the last two years? No. I know, it’s ridiculous. I’m still asking myself why I haven’t bothered to pick up a brush in such a long time and to this date, I still don’t have the answer.

What I have started recently is cooking. Really cooking – not just slappin some bread in the toaster and whippin up some scrambled eggs. For years I’ve been obsessed with cookbooks but never cooked. Now I’m finally in the trenches of my little kitchen and am really cookin up a storm!

I think there’s something about cooking that’s really akin to creating art. Contrast, texture, harmony… it’s all there. And, if the result turn out to your liking, you get that little buzz about creating something that you can share with others. I never thought a turkey roulade could make me as excited and proud as a painting but it has happened! Plus, you can’t exactly eat your painting or sculpture, so cooking brings a totally new dimension into the picture for a visual artist.

Mmmmm… who doesn’t love molding some dough (similar to clay), adding some nuts and/or berries (your found objects), firing it up in the oven (like a kiln) and then getting to nosh on it! It’s just like art but it’s edible. Yum. I may have dropped my paintbrush for now but the creative process continues. This time in the kitchen instead of in the studio…