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My new gooey friend – Camembert Cheese

27 Jul
Unpasturized goodness...

Unpasturized goodness...

I’d like to express my new found love for Camembert cheese. How I love you my gooey, unpasteurized friend. You might not be great for my waistline but your perfect for my soul…

I bought some Camembert recently mistaking it for Brie and what a wonderful mistake it was! Upon arriving at home I excitedly unwrapped the cheese and noticed the label. At first I was a bit suspicious because it looked just like Brie… aaah, but after the first bite I knew it was something new and definitely love. The flavor was similar to Brie but with a little extra nutty kick to it. It melted perfectly into my warmbread just like butta’. After that… I WAS HOOKED.

It turns out that Brie and Camembert are actually made the exact same way but in different parts of France which explains the similiar look and flavor. But there’s something about Camembert that just makes it a standout. Unfortunately I don’t have a super trained palette so I’m still trying to make the exact distinction between the flavor and texture of both cheeses. What I know for sure is that Camembert is absolutely fabulous!

Delicious on its own or with fresh, crunchy bread, I’m still interested in pairing it up with other flavors. I came across this recipe recently on and will definitely have to give it a try. It sounds like a wonderful mixture of flavors. Check it out:

Camembert with Blue Cheese, Figs and Port Sauce