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Sabotaged by paranoia…

3 Jul

Lately I’ve been wondering how many of us have sabotaged completely healthy relationships with our paranoia? How many of us have had loyal boyfriends whom we’ve suspected might be cheating on us? And how many of those loyal boyfriends were eventually driven to cheat because we drove them crazy with our constant questioning?

Now, I’m not dissing your gut instinct if something doesn’t feel right. Definitely follow your gut! If you ever get a weird vibe in your gut, it’s probably trying to tell you something like “Run, he’s an asshole!!!”… but it’s very important to make a distinct separation between your gut and your brain. Unfortunately our brains will dream up all sort of horrible scenarios that set us into a psychological tailspin… “What did that look on his face mean?” “Why didn’t he answer his phone immediately?” “Why did he mention his female co-worker’s name TWICE?… HE MUST BE CHEATING ON ME!!!!”… Sound familiar? Sometimes when a relationship is going too well (or even okay), we crave a disaster. We look for problems and fantasize about issues that don’t exist.

So how many of do this because we’ve been cheated on before? Or how many of us do this because we’re so convinced we’re not worthy of healthy and happy relationships? Bottom line ladies – it’s okay to be happy sometimes!